There are so many advances in science and technology that promise longer and better lives, but how do we decide when to take advantage of them?  I believe that often times, people jump onto the latest promising supplement and forget to keep themselves grounded in the basics.  Rather than building a beautiful house on sand, it makes much more sense to build it on a strong foundation of stone.  What is that solid foundation when it comes to good health?




  • Low glycemic, anti-inflammatory eating style – would you put canola oil in the engine of your Ferrari as its energy source? If not, why do you put the equivalent into your body for energy and expect it to run well?
  • Exercise – a combination of strength training and high-intensity interval training – there is no pill that will make you strong and give you endurance! If you want to be healthy at any age, you simply must exercise correctly on a regular basis.  Consistency is the key to success in this area.
  • Corrective hormone therapy – giving your body the chemicals it needs to produce the proteins necessary to carry on various reactions and to heal damaged tissues
  • Regular testing to catch diseases early, like breast imaging, pap smear, and colonoscopy

Once you are consistent with these things, then by all means build on this excellent foundation with some of the great advances of our time:

  • Measure the health of your telomeres (the end-caps of your DNA) and use targeted nutritional supplementation in addition to the above to make them healthier.
  • Use growth factors like PRP, stem cell plasma, and even your own stem cells to heal more quickly from soft tissue injuries, and to improve the function of joints and eventually other organ systems.
  • Delve into your protein-coding genes (the Exome) to better learn how to finesse your personalized health plan.
  • Optimize your microbiome with targeted probiotics.
  • Use food allergy testing to further optimize your nutrition program. 

At Cenegenics, we continually add cutting-edge treatments to our programs, but we never forget the basics, and we don’t want you to, either!