Maintaining good health as you age requires focus and effort. While you may have a great relationship with your physician, the medical industry is built around fixing things that are broken. Age Management Medicine is about turning average health into optimal health – not waiting for something to break, but getting the body as healthy as possible to lower that chance that something will break.

Elite Age Management
Our Elite plan includes a thorough evaluation of your current level of health and fitness using a myriad of blood tests and physical tests, including body composition, bone densitometry, measurements of vascular health, strength, balance, cardiovascular fitness, and cognitive health. Our personal trainers and nutritional experts will discuss appropriate modifications to your physical activity and dietary habits. The results of your chemical and physical testing will help our physicians to select appropriate corrective hormone therapy as well as nutritional supplementation.

The production of various hormones in both men and women begin to drop at by 30 and decline even further as the body ages. The Cenegenics testing and supplementation process is about bringing your hormones and physiology back into balance for maximum well-being as the body ages.

Nutraceutical Supplements
The health food store can offer plenty of supplements for many conditions, but without proper review of your current health conditions you may not know the best sources and doses for your body. Additionally, not all supplements are produced equally. You can be assured of the purity of Cenegenics supplements and that they are provided to you in the proper balance for your personal well-being.

Simple Dietary Changes
The Cenegenics dietary recommendations include moving away from overly processed foods and high glycemic carbohydrates. You’ll enjoy a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and lean meats. This lifestyle eating pattern will help you maintain a healthy biosphere while cutting out unhealthy calories.

Fitness Factors


Whether you lift regularly or have never picked up a dumbbell in your life, you’ll enjoy your time with our personal trainers as you build muscle through resistance training. It’s important to start small and develop great form so you can build your lifting muscles without injury. Lifting helps you burn calories long after your workout, and the calories you take in will go into muscle building rather than fat accumulation.

No matter if you prefer a jog on your own or taking a step aerobics class with a big group, starting and building a cardiovascular workout habit is critical for the health of your heart. Additionally, cardio exercise will burn stored carbohydrates and fat, lowering your insulin levels.

Final Thoughts
Aging is a natural process, but it can be managed to extend strength and well-being. A family history of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or osteoporosis need not doom you to the same fate.

If you feel like you’re falling apart, or you’re afraid of the aging process, schedule a consultation with Cenegenics Denver for a thorough assessment of your current state of health. With proper nutrition and a carefully balanced plan of fitness and supplements, age can truly be just a number.