Incorporating an exercise and nutritious food plan is important to healthy aging. Obtain a set plan and health guidelines to make it easier to stay on track of your goals amidst constant life changes. As summer arrives with shorter hemlines and short-sleeved shirts, follow these six main health habits to lose weight and gain more energy.


Switch up your breakfast

Replace your breakfast of cereal or oatmeal with eggs and a steak. Protein immediately in the morning will help you feel fuller longer plus you won’t experience the dreaded sugar crash that you get from cereal. Eggs can be made in a variety of creative ways. If you need to eat on the run, cook your scrambled eggs in a mug. Kick a head start on your veggie intake for the day by placing the egg in an empty bell pepper.


Go for a swim

Swimming is one of the gentlest exercises for your joints because of the relative weightlessness of water. Most cities have swimming pools that allow public access, or you can choose a gym that has a pool and water aerobics classes. Swimming combines cardio and strength training, an all-body workout that you won’t even think of as exercise. Plus, it’s a great way to have a spa experience during the work week!


Lift weights

Weightlifting isn’t just for bodybuilders. Unless you are specifically training to gain a bodybuilder physique, strength training will make you stronger and leaner without the bulk. Plus, you’ll continue to build muscle and burn calories after your workout. If you don’t have time for the gym, grab some free weights for an at-home workout with bicep curls, dumbbell flyes, and tricep dips. Incorporate weights in your leg exercises like lunges and squats. Add a weight with sit-ups and Russian twists.


Beware of liquid calories

Calories in liquids can be a sneaky reason for those extra pounds at your waistline. Lattes and other coffee or tea concoctions pack a wallop when it comes to calorie consumption and sugar intake. Avoid alcohol, soda, and sugary coffee blends. If you want a beverage other than plain water, try a complex herbal tea, drinking black coffee, sparkling water, or naturally-flavored water for a sugar-free experience.


Avoid evening snacks

Stop eating after dinner to avoid extra pounds and mindless snacking. If you are constantly hungry in the evening, be sure you’re getting enough protein from dinner to prevent a hunger attack a few hours later. Throw out any tempting snacks like crackers, processed foods, or candy. Pick a time to shut down the kitchen so you won’t be tempted to grab a snack out of the fridge.


Get a Nutrition Plan

Start a nutrition plan that is customized to your body’s unique chemistry and health goals. You’ll eat what your body craves and avoid foods of which you’re allergic or are inflammatory. An eating plan will give you control of your blood sugars, reduce systemic inflammatory stress, and build lifelong nutrition habits. Learn more about Cenegenics Denver’s customized nutrition program.