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Body Composition Analysis

A DXA scan is the most accurate way to measure your body composition. It’s fast, convenient, and the results can serve as a tool for individuals whose aim is optimal body composition or those in a weight management program. Alternative body composition testing options are inaccurate and misleading because you get bad data.


The X-ray technique is able to identify the following:


  • Fat mass (pounds)
  • Lean body mass (pounds)
  • Distribution of fat and muscle throughout the body



Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) is the most thoroughly validated assessment of bone mineral density. A DXA scan includes analysis of the total body, hips and lumbar vertebrae. DXA results are used to asses bone health and the risk for developing osteoporosis.



Cardiopulmonary Fitness Test

The VO2 Max test is the gold standard for assessing fitness through cardiopulmonary efficiency. The test measures how well the heart and the lungs work together to supply the muscles with oxygen.  Exercise physiologists use this information to prescribe an effective exercise program.



Resting Metabolic Rate Test

A resting metabolic (RMR) test identifies the amount of energy expended daily at rest.  The results of the test estimate the total number of calories you would burn if at rest for 24 hours, and can help you understand how many calories to eat in a day.




CIMT measures the thickness of the lining of the arteries in your neck, and that correlates with what is happen with the arteries that supply the heart with blood. Genetics and environmental factors combine over time to cause inflammation of the inner layers of the artery and the formation of plaque in the arterial wall. This thickening can be measured using ultrasound to quantify the amount of disease present. Multiple studies indicate that CIMT measurement detects the presence or absence of atherosclerotic disease and also allows for assessment of the degree of atherosclerotic burden better than other noninvasive cardiovascular tests available. It is recommended by both the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology.




Testing Prices

  • Body Composition Test:  $99
  • DXA (Body Composition and Bone Density) Test with Nutrition & Exercise Counselor Interpretation:  $195
  • VO2 Max Test with 30 Minute Nutrition & Exercise Counselor Consult:  $295
  • RMR Test with 30 Minute Nutrition & Exercise Counselor Consult:  $195
  • CIMT Test: $495
  • Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Program:  $1995
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