DNA Health

One of the greatest advances in preventive medicine is here—a breakthrough science and technology that give us the ability to measure your biological age vs. your chronological age.

Forget about the number of years you’ve been on the planet. It’s all about telomeres—the sections of your DNA that cap off every chromosome.

These protective shoe-lace like ends prevent your chromosomes from fraying whenever cells replicate. They also control the way your cells repair and recover.

And they are one of the best molecular markers for aging. The long and short of your telomeres (literally) become a health barometer. The more “short” telomeres you have, the less healthy and the older you really are.

What’s affecting your telomere length? Would an advanced DNA analysis be right for you?

A variety of influencers impact your DNA health including:
age | stress | poor nutrition | weight | sedentary lifestyle

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