Patient Success Stories

Hear Peter Boyle’s live endorsement of Cenegenics Denver and Dr. McCallen!



” I came to Cenegenics Denver because I was sick…I came out of desperation. Dr. McCallen invested in getting me better. My life hasn’t just been changed – it’s been saved.”



I have been working successfully with Dr. McCallen since I turned 65 in 2011. What she and Cenegenics has made possible for me is the opportunity to again actively compete in athletics. This “second chance” has manifested in my being able to compete in International Masters Basketball for the last four years (Silver Medal in the 65+ 2103 World Masters; Gold Medal in the 65+ 2014 Pan Pacific Masters Games; Gold Medal in the 65+ 2015 Australian Masters Games and Gold Medal in the 2016 70+ Pan Pacific Masters Games).

My assessment of the program’s success is that it comprehensively integrates the three essential elements of wellbeing: 1) diet (low glycemic), 2) supplementation/hormone balancing (data based) and 3) exercise(tailored). I lost 28 pounds, added 15 pounds of lean mass and most importantly have a competitive level of energy. It is the personable, patient advocate partnership with Dr. McCallem and her state of the practice knowledge that has fostered a trust based rapport. Her consultations around the comprehensive quarterly blood tests, engagement in working to resolve any identified medical issues and overall wellbeing coaching have become an indispensable part of my healthcare regimen.

Thanks Julie!


Being with the Cenegenics program was the BEST thing that we ever did but also the worst. When we started with you it was because my husband was having guy problems and I was on blood pressure meds. Well of course after your blood tests we found out there was so much more. Because of you, diet recommendations, medications & vitamins and of course the encouragement to exercise, our lives changed so dramatically. My husband and I both lost weight and felt better than we had since we were in our 20’s. Our sex life was something that I never knew was possible. My periods were nothing to speak of, all of the peri-menopausal symptoms were gone…
…CENEGENICS WAS THE BEST THING EVER. YOU FOUND OUT WHAT YOU BODY, MIND AND SOUL COULD BE LIKE. Cenegenics was the worst thing ever because you did find out what your body, mind and soul could feel like. There are no other doctors out in the real world that we have tried that are like you Julie. You are the best. We will continue to tell everyone we know about you. We will never forget what we learned.

M and D

Dr. McCallen has helped me change my life in the past year! Initially, when I met her I was skeptical as I had been to several specialists who told me all of my hormones and the entire endocrine system were working “normal” by medical standards. Dr. McCallen actually listened to my concerns and issues, and also knew immediately how to help me feel more whole and become more fit and happy. She has provided great insight into what “normal” really is for my personal self, and I am living an amazing life now because of her and Cenegenics! I never knew what being at the correct weight for my body was like as I can’t recall ever feeling this good, even growing up. I also never knew how just a few tweaks with my hormones would make me feel so much more alive each day. Dr. McCallen is very skilled, talented and most of all, she really listens to her patients to find out what their main issues are, and then sets them on a path that leads them to health and happiness! I can’t thank her enough!


First I want to thank you and say I love you for being there for my wife and me. I attended my 50th HS reunion. For the most part, what I saw made me so grateful for Cenegenics and you. It also made me sad and a little sick. A lot of guys and gals (mostly all of them) were unrecognizable due to the extreme physical deterioration. Out of over 200 people only one gal looked as good as my wife. Everyone said, How can you look like 40?


Just look at the pictures! I was dying and now feel so good! I have so much energy. I believe in this work you have chosen as your life’s work. I am proud of you .. Going outside regular medicine takes courage… Thank you for that! I almost feel I can work again. I enjoyed my work. That and my family was my life. I don’t get up in the morning any longer and think this will be my last day of my life. You’re healthy hopefully you will never ever feel like that. It’s terrible on your mind and body. Again thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. Wait till you see me in January.


Wow, this really works!

PB, age 72, at Sturgis

How I can I give back to you for all you continue to do for me? I know your heart and I thank you for allowing God to use you to develop me to be the right instrument of love and peace for my family. You are such a wonderful and strong woman. Love and thanks


I just adore you and love you and you have done SO much for me quality of life and my dad’s. You gave me hope again when I had none. I can’t wait to see you on the 12th and give you a hug! Love you and so thankful for you!!!


Julie McCallen is the doctor I saw to re-balance my hormones and help me with weight loss – all while looking at my overall health from an aging perspective. She is a biochemistry genius and after six years bouncing around I am truly grateful for her skills, intelligence and compassion for the busy female lifestyle. If your friend has tried “everything” without success….then I would recommend trying this one more thing and go all in. She liked what I had done, but took things to a whole new level. I’ve lost 30 pounds and have so much authentic energy – I feel better now at 47 than I did at 40!


Yesterday I had my first meeting with Dr. Julie McCallen at the Denver location. It was a very pleasant and informative session that I hope will result in a turnaround in my physical condition and lasting life change. I would like to congratulate you on having such a competent professional on your staff. Julie is just what guys in my position need to get the message across. I hope to be a poster child for the Cenegenics team someday. Keep up the good work!