Choosing low-glycemic and healthy options while dining out, whether it be for business or pleasure, can be challenging. The good news is that it is not impossible!

Menus offer diverse food choices and restaurant staff members are willing to accommodate requests.

Below are tips for choosing wisely when dining out:

  • Do your research prior to arriving at the restaurant. Many restaurants publish their menus online.  Review the menu, make a decision and stick with it once you order. If you arrive with a plan, you are less likely to make unwise choices.
  • Always know your back up plan. When you are unable to review menus prior to dining, keep in mind the foods that are high-glycemic and cause significant spikes in insulin. These foods include bread, pasta, rice, grains, alcohol, fruit juices, tropical fruits, melons, dried fruits, corn, potatoes, beets, sweets and processed foods.
  • Ask questions.  Ask for high-glycemic foods to be removed from dishes. For example, ask if your hamburger can be served without the bun. Ask if high-glycemic items can be replaced with a side salad.
  • Simple. When in doubt select the simplest foods, i.e. baked chicken with steamed vegetables.
  • Be polite. I know this probably goes without saying; however, kindness and gratitude go a long way. Servers and chefs work in a stressful environment. When you are asking for special food preparation and/or accommodations, your kindness towards them is greatly appreciated.
  • Enjoy!