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Belle Gibson and the Seventh Circle of Hell

0 10 July 2015

I saw this editorial on Medscape and thought the point interesting:

  Hi. I am Art Caplan, from the New York University Langone Medical Center Division of Medical Ethics in New York City. If you were to draw up a list of who belongs in Dante’s Seventh Circle of Hell, you might put in some of your enemies. You might put in certain athletes that play for teams you don’t like. But I have another candidate for you: Belle Gibson.

Belle GibsonBelle, an Australian woman somewhere in her 20s (she doesn’t even tell the truth about that), had a very active website where she claimed that she had beaten multiple forms of cancer by eating right and living healthy. She had an app you could download to tell you how to do this; she had a cookbook that told you what to eat; and she had hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites who took her very seriously.

But Belle did not have cancer and she was full of malarkey. Her diets were not based on anything of value. It is not even

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0 5 May 2015

“I have been a patient at Cenegenics under the care of Dr. Phillip Schechter since this past October. In that brief period of time, I have enjoyed some fantastic results of great care. So far I am down 16 pounds of fat and up 17 pounds of muscle mass. My energy is tremendous and I am feeling stronger as my clothes become looser. I am looking forward to a long life of feeling great. I would highly recommend Cenegenics to anyone wanting to intelligently manage their health.” – Don R. Iley

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0 8 April 2015

In response to “Angelina Jolie’s ‘bio-identical’ therapy raises hormone questions”, I agree with all the positive comments about Angelina Jolie Pitt. I write from the perspective of a husband, who recently shared a possible breast cancer scare with my wife (as much as a guy can share the feeling that my wife experienced hearing that she needed a breast biopsy!). Complicating this is my professional knowledge as a general surgeon and my current work in a national practice of Age Management Medical Specialists (Cenegenics Denver). I believe that her surgical care and that Angelina’s decision making have been correct and that she has been courageous. However, in my experience seeing patients with surgical menopause or premature non surgical menopause, all of them were treated by their gynecologists or primary care doctors in a way that was leaving them with a false sense of security and with an unknowing increased risk of heart disease, other cancers (uggh) and dementia. Why?? Because of the low dose of estradiol that is typical with patches, less than the best replacement of progesterone and even testosterone. Estradiol and testosterone are both essential hormones for women

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0 30 March 2015

Hello, I am Dr. Schechter and I will be starting a blog shortly right here to answer all your questions related to Cenegenics and age management medicine. I get questions from patients all the time like, “Can my depression get better in the Cenegenics program and get me off of my meds? And “What is my risk of breast cancer receiving bioidentical hormones?” Feel free to submit your own personal questions using the form below, and stay tuned for blog posts coming soon!

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