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Exercise Program

Exercise Program
The Benefits of Exercise
Designed to complement and enhance your comprehensive program of hormonal therapy, nutrition and medical care.

Our approach helps you to improve cardiovascular health, control blood sugar, and achieve optimal body composition. You will increase lean muscle and improve your metabolism, energy level, and hormone production.

While each patient’s program is individually tailored with goals and health history in mind, there are four common primary components:

  • Cardiovascular Exercise
  • Resistance Training
  • Core Training
  • Flexibility and Balance Training

Our Nutrition and Exercise Counselor conducts extensive diagnostic testing and physical function analyses with each patient. These results are used to create individualized programming.

We continually work side-by-side with you and offer on-going support to ensure your success in improving your strength through our exercise programs.

Healthy living starts today
Jump start your healthy aging plan and find out more about our Exercise Program.