Ah, spring! There’s nothing like the episodes of warmer weather punctuated by snowstorms and trees in bloom! The weather can lead to sicknesses popularly known as “spring colds.” Spring colds are not inevitable if one follows these tips on how to stay healthy even when living in unpredictable weather patterns.

Keep Washing Those Hands

Human hands are full of marvels. Unfortunately, they are also full of germs. Hands touch the germs and then touch the face or mouth and sickness is spread. To stop the germ joyride, wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds during each washing. Washing hands dozens of times a day is recommended for health care workers or elder caretakers.

Dress in Layers

Although one day may seem like summer, the next day may plummet back into winter. Sometimes in the spring this can happen all in one day. During warm weather, many people with cabin fever will dress lightly and go outdoors. They are then soaked or chilled when the weather suddenly changes. Although colds are not caused by cold weather, a sudden drenching stresses the body’s immune system, making it harder for it to fight off cold germs.

Dressing in at least three layers before venturing outside helps combat sudden changes in the weather. Wear clothes that are easy to remove and secure around the shoulders or waist. Hats are recommended since they help not only keep the head warm, but wide brims also help prevent sunburn. Always wear a jacket before spending more than a few minutes outdoors. Keep gloves or scarves in glove compartments or at work in order to help quickly warm up after a spring snowstorm.

Keep Hydrated

A dry nasal passage and a dry throat seem at first like the best signs that a person is healthy. However, a dry nose and throat make it easier for viruses, bacteria and other irritants to stick inside of the body and cause spring colds. Keeping well hydrated keeps the mucus membranes fluid and helps to flush out any germs that enter the nose or throat.

Water is the best liquid for staying hydrated. Herbal teas also help relieve thirst and replenish the body. Avoid beverages with caffeine sugar, or alcohol because they dehydrate the body. Keep bottles of water in vehicles or at work to help slake thirst when the weather suddenly gets hot.

In Conclusion

It takes some preparation and common sense to avoid spring colds. Keep your hands clean, dress in layers to stay warm and dry and keep hydrated. Now it’s time to go out and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.