Dr. McCallen has helped me change my life in the past year! Initially, when I met her I was skeptical as I had been to several specialists who told me all of my hormones and the entire endocrine system were working “normal” by medical standards. Dr. McCallen actually listened to my concerns and issues, and also knew immediately how to help me feel more whole and become more fit and happy. She has provided great insight into what “normal” really is for my personal self, and I am living an amazing life now because of her and Cenegenics! I never knew what being at the correct weight for my body was like as I can’t recall ever feeling this good, even growing up. I also never knew how just a few tweaks with my hormones would make me feel so much more alive each day. Dr. McCallen is very skilled, talented and most of all, she really listens to her patients to find out what their main issues are, and then sets them on a path that leads them to health and happiness! I can’t thank her enough!

– Pamela L.