denver12-7Most of us will have the privilege of aging. Getting older is a fact of life, and all the Botox and surgery in the world won’t stop the process, but there are lifestyle options which help stave off the aging process and allow us to enjoy our “golden years.”

Age management medicine is the medical discipline that focuses on helping you to stay healthy for as long as possible. It is never too early to develop this mindset, and everyone over the age of 40 should consider preparing their physical health as well as their financial health for their retirement years.

Invest in your health now:
As we age we need to make allowances for the extra stress on our organs, joints and muscles.

Diet and exercise are both vital components of a long and healthy life and it is necessary to adjust the way you eat and exercise as you advance in years. Women especially have a slower metabolism after menopause and find they need to eat to maintain a healthy weight.

Exercise: Though cardio activities are crucial, they should be kept at the low-impact level to protect joints and ligaments. More attention should be given to weight-bearing and stretching exercises to lower the chances of osteoporosis and maintain flexibility.

Supplements are often helpful and sometimes necessary as we age. Many doctors will recommend extra fish oil, Vitamin D, or better strains of probiotics for patients approaching their senior years. It is important to monitor any current conditions you may be dealing with such as diabetes or arthritis for example, but you will also want to be aware of your family history to take steps to prevent or delay any chronic illnesses that may be lurking in your DNA. It may be well worth the effort to adjust your diet and add supplements to delay the onset of age-related or genetic conditions.

Stress management is also a key factor in extending and improving the quality of life. A proper diet, appropriate exercise, and adequate sleep are all ways of reducing stress. Many find stress alleviated by yoga, massage, and other holistic practices. Socialization and involvement are also crucial in a healthy mental outlook, which may significantly affect physical health as well.

The time to invest in long-term healthcare insurance is when you think you don’t need it. It is relatively cheap for healthy individuals and many employers deduct from your check, so you won’t even notice it. If you develop a condition or have an emergency, it allows you to keep much more of your retirement savings.

Benefits of making health a priority:
Even if you have ten or twenty years before retirement, managing your health will help you to feel better and be more productive until then. When you begin retirement with your health still intact not only does that allow you to enjoy it more, it gives you more options for travel, activities and living options.

Many healthy senior citizens use their extra time and energy to pursue part-time careers in the arts or activism. A second career is an excellent way to feed your passion, give back to the community, earn some spending money and keep socially active.