In response to “Angelina Jolie’s ‘bio-identical’ therapy raises hormone questions”, I agree with all the positive comments about Angelina Jolie Pitt. I write from the perspective of a husband, who recently shared a possible breast cancer scare with my wife (as much as a guy can share the feeling that my wife experienced hearing that she needed a breast biopsy!). Complicating this is my professional knowledge as a general surgeon and my current work in a national practice of Age Management Medical Specialists (Cenegenics Denver).

I believe that her surgical care and that Angelina’s decision making have been correct and that she has been courageous. However, in my experience seeing patients with surgical menopause or premature non surgical menopause, all of them were treated by their gynecologists or primary care doctors in a way that was leaving them with a false sense of security and with an unknowing increased risk of heart disease, other cancers (uggh) and dementia. Why?? Because of the low dose of estradiol that is typical with patches, less than the best replacement of progesterone and even testosterone.

Estradiol and testosterone are both essential hormones for women. Less than optimal dosing leaves women at risk of osteoporosis, weight gain, loss of libido and more.

I guess the bottom line from my perspective is that I believe it is critical for all women with similar issues to have a consultation with a physician trained in Age Management Medicine so that their optimal hormone therapy dosages can be determined, and that they not just accept the “norm.”

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