Apps are quickly becoming a part of everyday life for many people. Below are some helpful nutrition, exercise, and health apps.

Workout Trainer by Skimble (Free with optional upgrade)

Workout Trainer is a database of workouts. Users are able to filter workouts by duration, body part, experience level, and equipment available.

MyFitnessPal (Free)

MyFitnessPal allows users to track daily caloric intake and exercise. It allows you to scan barcodes of food items and automatically uploads nutrition data.

Lose It! (Free)

Lose It! helps users set daily calorie budgets, track daily caloric intake, and track daily caloric burn due to exercise.

IF Tracker ($5.99)

IF Tracker allows users to track daily food intake along with the added benefit of analyzing if foods cause inflammation in the body or decrease inflammation in the body.

Sleep Genius (Free with optional updgrade)

Sleep Genius “trains your brain into its natural sleep rhythms.” Features include an alarm that gently awakes individuals over a 5 minutes period of time, a relaxation program, a power nap program, sleep reporting, and the sleep function which plays sounds that were developed to guide individuals through sleep.