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Philip Schechter MD

I want to look & feel like I did in my 40s! How can I get there when I have no energy? Can my depression get better in the Cenegenics program and get me off of my meds? What is my risk of breast cancer receiving bioidentical hormones? Are you looking for answers to these questions, or similar ones?

Philip Schechter MD | Cenegenics DenverDr. Philip Schechter can answer these questions and many more. With an extensive career in the medical field, Dr. Schechter now serves as one of Cenegenics Denver’s top physicians. He was a general surgeon with critical care training and ran a trauma service, then became an adult psychiatrist. Now he is dedicated to Age Management Medicine. Dr. Schechter has provided care to many women with high risk breast issues including cancer, and has also cared for many patients with mood disorders. Both of these areas overlap with Age Management Medicine. Dr. Schechter’s background as a surgeon and psychiatrist gives him a unique point of view other than that of a traditional primary care doctor. For women with concerns about their breast health and taking bioidentical hormones Dr Schechter’s experience should provide peace of mind about safety. For people that have suffered with depression, it is possible that the “mood positive” effects of our program could lead to lower doses of anti-depressants and the possibility of weaning totally off of them. Dr. Schechter can help you get back on track, feeling and looking better than you ever have before!

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