I thought I’d inform you of two issues which have occurred which was unexpected when I joined the Cenegenics program.

Because I have lost so much weight (about 22 lbs by my scale) my clothes, especially my pants, don’t fit. Consequently I have spent almost $400 to have my suits re-tailored and dress pants altered, and I am not done. My tailor is very happy for this added income but this was an expense I hadn’t budgeted for and am surprised how quickly my wardrobe has changed.

The second issue deals with harassment. I go to events and women now look me over and give me “the eye.” Women now come up to me and try to buy me drinks or ask me to dance. I want to be known for more than just being a middle-aged, short, left-handed white man with a slim sexy body – I have a mind. I went to a party this weekend and got my butt pinched twice and one marriage proposal (though I suspect alcohol was involved in the proposal). When I got ready to leave, a lady came up to me and asked to take me home and said “I’ll take good care of you.” I replied that I have 3 ladies now that take good care of me. Geez, will this end?

See you all at my next appointment.