This month’s Quick Tip is dedicated to ideas on how to modify your High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to ensure continued progress forward in cardiorespiratory fitness.

Change the Frequency of Your HIIT Workout

  • Have you only been doing HIIT two times per week? Increase the frequency to three times per week. Simply remember that you need at least 48 hours between HIIT workouts.

Change the Intensity of Your HIIT Workout

  • Is the target heart rate for your works intervals workout beginning to feel too easy? Allow your heart rate to go 5-10 beats higher.

Change the Duration of Your Work Intervals

  • Has the duration of your work intervals remained the same? Increase the length of the interval. The longest interval I recommend is a 4 minute work interval followed by a 4 minute recovery interval. Remember, though, to keep your entire HIIT workout to 30 minutes or less.

Change the Activity

  • When you do your HIIT, do you always head for the same piece of equipment? Try something new! You are welcome to use the treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical, bike, or pool. The idea is to be creative and find something you enjoy doing.

Still looking for more ideas? Let me know, and I am happy to help you take your cardiorespiratory fitness to the next level!