Healthy skin comes from both the inside and outside. It’s more than buying the right cleanser or makeup line. Cenegenics is excited to work with you to help you implement changes in diet, environment, sun exposure, water intake, and yes, cleansers, moisturizers and advanced anti-aging products to help you to protect and improve your skin and to put your best face forward.

Hazards to Your Skin

Every day, your skin is exposed to factors that can increase wrinkles and make you look and feel tired, unwell, or just plain haggard. These dangers include:

• excess sun exposure
• lack of water
• lack of rest
• poor diet
• exposure to smoke
• excess stress

Many of these factors are interrelated, of course; too much stress will impact your ability to get quality rest, and poor dietary choices may well impact your water intake. Cenegenics offers a line of products to build healthy skin from both the inside and the outside. 

What You Put IN Your Face Shows Up ON Your Face


Protein is the most important food for the skin – vegetables provide important anti-oxidant effects and minerals help to keep skin looking fresh and bright.


Water is critical to maintaining healthy, hydrated skin…on the order of one gallon per day is what you need. In addition, other beverages can brighten skin, reduce redness and help the body to shed free radicals. Of these green tea is easy to find and pleasant to sip. If the acidity bothers your taste buds or your stomach, try white tea for a milder antioxidant boost.

Get A Handle on Stress and Rest

Your days often start out at a dead run. Long days lead to busy evenings and before long, you and your face are pretty much exhausted. To make sure that the end of your day is leading to quality sleep, consider the following activities.

1. Enjoy some decaffeinated tea. Just the activity of blowing on a cup of hot tea before sleeping can calm your body.

2. Try a hot, scented bath. Using a scented bath oil can moisturize your body and soothe your mind for rest; try sandalwood or lavender oil for a calming, moisturizing bath.

3. Exercise! A calming walk outdoors on a pretty evening or a gentle yoga class, followed by a warm shower may be just what you need to lower your body into deep, satisfying sleep.

Skin Maintenance and Repair

Dry skin is common as we age, and if you live in a region that requires you to run your furnace, dry skin can become an itchy challenge! Cenegenics products including Rejuvenating Moisturizers that can brighten your skin and remove the dull tones left when your skin feels parched.

Hormonal Challenges

Skin health hinges not only on adequate protein, avoidance of inflammatory foods, and adequate hydration, but also hormone health. Estrogen and adequate IGF-1 are critical to thicker, healthier, more youthful skin!

Final Thoughts

No matter your concerns regarding hormonal changes showing up on your face, be aware that the dedicated professionals at Cenegenics can help you make the best choice for your supplements and products to help you push back against aging.