At Cenegenics, we frequently employ testosterone therapy, if clinically indicated, as part of our comprehensive wellness programs following a thorough evaluation and blood testing. If you have lingering doubts regarding the safety of testosterone therapy in light of recent media hype, lawyer’s ads and even the FDA statement released on March 3rd, read what the medical experts at Harvard and The Mayo Clinic have to say.

A 2015 review in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, titled Testosterone Therapy and Cardiovascular Risk: Advances and Controversies, concluded: “In summary, there is no convincing evidence of increased CV (cardiovascular) risks with T (testosterone) therapy. On the contrary, there appears to be a strong beneficial relationship between normal T and CV health that has not yet been widely appreciated.”

You also might want to read the article in Science Daily featuring Harvard urologist, Dr. Abraham Morgentaler: Analysis rejects linkage between testosterone therapy, cardiovascular risk

It is difficult to understand what prompted the latest FDA statement when trusted medical experts at the Mayo Clinic and Harvard indicate otherwise. Keep in mind that even the FDA stated “Possible Increased Risk…” The FDA clearly wants to limit the inappropriate use of testosterone therapy. This is understandable. However, warnings issued in this fashion promote media sensationalism and fear mongering that ultimately harms the public as opposed to protecting it!